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Frequently Asked Questions

Click a link below to view questions we're often asked on that subject. No doubt the list will continue to grow over time. Most will already be answered on other parts of the site, but they're put into sections here so you can find the answer more easily. 

If this page doesn't answer your question, please contact us and ask us directly.


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Q: Will my animal have water? (You'd be surprised how often people ask us this!)

A: Yes, of course. Every animal has its own water dish, which we keep an eye on and refill regularly.

Q: My pet is very picky, what if he won't eat?

A: If you prefer, you can bring your dog or cat's favourite food from home, but we have many different varieties of both dog food and cat food, so chances are we'll have something they like. We've never had an animal who didn't eat something once they were settled, and we keep a close eye on them to make sure they do. If an animal didn't eat for a significant period of time, we'd assume it was a medical issue and consult your vet. 

Q: My pet is on a special diet.

A: In this case, you can bring your pet's food from home, and we'll feed it exclusively on that. 

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Q: Will my pet be in contact with other people's animals?

A: No, although the pens are next to each other, we keep the animals separate at all times.

Q: Will my two dogs be able to go in together? 

A: Yes, as long as they get along. If they need to be separated for any reason, we may have to charge you for two kennels, but  generally this isn't necessary. 

Q: Will my pet be around people during the day? I worry he will be lonely.

A: We try to spend as much time with animals as possible, and even in the interim they'll often see us working in the kennels or walking past. Because the kennel buildings are attached to the house, it's a small area so we're never far away. Also, we play music during the day because we find it's soothing for them. 

Q: My pet is used to being hugged a lot, will you cuddle him?

A: Yes! It's one of the best parts of the job!

Q: My dog pulls a lot on his lead, will you be able to handle him?

A: Yep. We've been doing this a long time, and we've walked every size and personality of dog. We also use extendible leads to give energetic dogs a bit of freedom whilst still keeping them under our control. 

Q: Will you walk my dog?

A: Unless you specifically tell us not to. 

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Q: Will my pet be warm?

A: All our kennel interiors are heated, and our catteries have heated beds, so there's always somewhere warm for your pets to go if they're chilly.

Q: My animal is an escapologist, can you make sure he won't get out?

A: The kennels and catteries are all built with safety and security in mind, and we're also very experienced at getting in and out of doors without setting anyone free!

Q: My cat is used to being outside, won't he hate being cooped up?

A: Cats are very adaptable animals. Whilst most of our moggies like to hunt and play outside, they settle in to cattery living incredibly quickly. Because it's a strange environment to them, the fact it's a small area can even make them feel more secure. And most cat owners know that if you give a cat a heated bed, it's often difficult to convince them to get out of it!

Q: My dog need to be separated from the other animals for some reason, can you do this?

A: Yes, if you let us know at the time of booking then we can put your animal in an isolation kennel/cattery, away from the main block. 

Q: Are your catteries/kennels inspected?

A: Yes, we have health inspections to make sure our facilities are suitable to keep animals safely and cleanly, otherwise we wouldn't get our license and couldn't operate. 

Q: How often are the kennels/catteries cleaned?

A: It's an ongoing process. They have an intensive clean every morning, but we're constantly staying on top of things to make sure it doesn't get too messy. 

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Q: Will my dog need its vaccinations?

A: Yes, we need to see its vaccination certificates when you arrive, If this is a problem, please discuss it with us at the time of booking. 

Q:What happens if my dog gets sick?

A: We take the name of your vet when you book in, so that if need be we can take your animal to someone who knows its medical history. We don't take any risks with your animal's health, and if it's a serious problem then we'll use your emergency contact details to get in touch with you. 

Q: My pet has long fur, will you brush it?

A: Yes. Let us know if your animal tangles easily or needs special attention when it comes to grooming. If it has a special brush or anything, feel free to bring that along. 

Q: My pet has pills/medicine, will you give them to him?

A: Yes, we'll make sure he gets them. Please let us know if they need to be given at a specific time.

Q: Can you give my pet injections (e.g. insulin)?

A: Yes, as long as we discuss the procedure when you arrive, and you provide details on what they'll need and when. 

Q: Will you walk my dog?

A: Unless you specifically tell us not to. 

Booking/Opening Hours
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Q: How do I book?

A: Our details are all on the contact us page. You can book by phone, email, or in person.

Q: What time are you open? 

A: Every day from 9am - 7pm. We will take animals over Christmas, but we don't accept arrivals and departures on Christmas Day or Boxing Day. 

Q: Can I visit, to see the kennels?

A: Yes, give us a ring and you can come and have a look before you decide to leave your animal in our care. 

Q: What happens if my plane/ferry is cancelled or delayed?

A: We understand that living on Orkney transport can be a problem.  If you can't get back when you expected, we can make arrangements to keep your animal longer, but we urge you to keep us informed so we know what's going on. 

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Q: Are your kennels inspected?

A: Yes, we have health inspections to make sure our facilities are suitable to keep animals safely and cleanly and up to scratch, otherwise we wouldn't get our license and couldn't operate. 

Q: My dog barks a lot, will this be a problem?

A: No, we're very used to barking dogs. We also find a lot of them quieten down when surrounded by other dogs who are calm and not making a noise.

Q: I'm going away for a long time, will my pet know me when I get back?

A: Yes. We often have long-stay animals, and they always recognise their owners immediately. Although we try to be a temporary family for your dogs and cats, and they're perfectly happy here, they'll be as pleased to see you as you are to see them. 

Q: I've never taken my animal to kennels before. How does it work?

A: That's what our When You Arrive page is for. Have a look.