DID YOU KNOW??    ...    As cats get older, they get bonier. This means they may want to sleep on your lap less, as it's uncomfortable for them.


We don't have strict appointments when you bring your dog or cat in to the kennels, but we do prefer if you let us know what time of day you'll be arriving, even if you can only pin it down to AM or PM. This allows us to work around arrivals and departures, and makes everything go more smoothly. 

When you arrive, ring the doorbell situated on the office/conservatory. Someone will come out and take you to the kennels (please don't go in on your own) where we'll get your animal settled. 

It's best to say goodbye quickly and calmly, as getting upset or hanging around for ages is a sure fire way to stress out your pet.

We'll then take a minute to discuss any diet or medical issues your animal may have, and you can ask any questions. You'll fill in a sheet with information about your pet and all of your contact details. You'll read and sign our terms and conditions. 

We'll confirm the date of your return, which you'll also fill in on the form, and we'll have a look at your vaccination certificates to check they're up to date.

 Then you're free to go, knowing your pet will be in good hands until you return. 

Hope to see you soon!


Things To Bring With You:

    • Your pet (hopefully you won't forget that!)
    • A lead, if you have a dog.
    • Your pet's vaccination certificates.
    • Any special food, if your pet can't eat ours (e.g. if it's on a special diet.)
    • Your emergency contact number.
    • Any toy or blanket from home that your pet might like (this is strictly optional, and your animal will settle in fine without it)
    • Any medication your pet may be on, as well as instructions for us, detailing what it needs and when.