DID YOU KNOW??    ...    To keep fit, a cat needs very little exercise; the act of stretching can keep an indoor cat in trim.



Extra Facilities

As you can see from the pictures, both small and large dogs LOVE walking in our private field. 

(In order, the dogs are Voe, Peanut, Isla, Amber and Lulu.)

The field is fenced in completely, but no dog is ever let off the lead anyway. The long leads we use mean that the dog has a little bit of freedom whilst always being under our control. 

Our land is approximately six acres of grass and scrub, in a peaceful, rural area. Perfect dog walking territory. 

Exercise is a vital part of any dog's routine ... even some of the older dogs in our care enjoy a bit of a wander in the fresh air. 

Bath Time!

Should any animal we're looking after need bathing, as sometimes happens, we have a separate shower area, as modelled by Luna, below.

This is in a quiet, separate area of the kennels.

We always use a gentle shampoo, to avoid irritation to the dog's skin, and we're very good at getting it done with the minimum of fuss and stress.