DID YOU KNOW??    ...    A dog’s nose print is as unique as a human’s finger print and can be used to accurately identify them.


The Kennels is right on the lower main road (A964 or the Orphir Road) between Kirkwall and Stromness. It's approximately eight miles from each.

If you're coming from Kirkwall: Go through the village of Orphir; there'll be a bus stop a little way past the village, with a right turn labelled Scorradale. Go past this (don't turn up there) and you'll go round an S-bend. The kennels is the second building on your left (it looks like a clump of trees), and there will be a signpost saying Nealand. If you reach a large wooden chalet labelled Westrow, you've gone too far.

If you're coming from Stromness: You'll pass the Houton Bay Lodge (to your right) and then you'll pass a right turn labelled 'Earl's Bu and Church'. Ignore this and keep going left, past a couple of houses, and the Kennels will be signposted shortly after on your right. If you reach a bus stop and a sign that says Scorradale, you went too far.


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