DID YOU KNOW??    ...    The average domestic cat can reach speeds of 30mph.


 You can book by phone, by email, or come to see us in person. Find our details on the contact us page.


We do give discounts for long stays and other special circumstances, so feel free to ask. Discounts must be arranged at the time of booking. 

Prices are charged by the night, and if you collect the dog/cat after 12 noon, you will be charged for the next night, as it prevents us from booking the kennel for another day.

The prices for 2020 are as follows:


Single Cat : £7.00 per night

Double Cat: £13.00 per night

Triple Cat: £18.50 per night


Single Dog : £9.00 per night

Double Dog : £17.00 per night

Triple Dog: £25.50 per night