DID YOU KNOW??    ...    A dog's only sweat glands are between the pads of its paws.


The Kennels

Every kennel has a warm indoor area with a bed, where the dog will sleep. 

We provide lots of fluffy blankets, but if you think your dog would like something from home, feel free to bring in a blanket or toy. 

Almost all dogs settle in fine without it, and we have our own toys to play with, but we know some dogs have a teddy or a blanket they just can't live without!  

Each kennel has a private outside run for the dog to exercise or get a bit of fresh air, and we walk the dogs in our own private, fenced-off field. 

We never let the dogs mix unless they come from the same home, and all of our kennels are doubles, so if you want your two dogs to go in together, they can (as long as they get along at home!)

We also never let any dog off the lead, but we do use extendible leads so the more energetic dogs can have a bit of a run and the more sedate can amble along at their own pace. 

See the exercise field here.

Each dog has its own sheet, with contact details, diet, medications etc. and we can deal with pretty much any requirements as long as we're informed. 

We're experts at convincing stubborn dogs to take pills, we've given insulin injections, we've looked after everyone from tiny puppies to senior citizens, and we've made friends with many a nervous dog.

We do expect all animals who come to us to have their vaccinations up to date, and we will need to see their certificates when you arrive. 

We do also have isolation kennels if a dog needs to be separated for any reason. 

The prices given include food, which is a mixture of meat and dry whole food, as well as occasional treats. 

Our boarders are usually very happy with this, and we stock several varieties to make sure there's something everyone will like, but if your dog has any special dietary requirements then you can provide their own food to us and we'll feed them exclusively on that. 

In the past we've dealt with lots of different very specific diets and even severe food allergies, so you can be sure that your dog's getting exactly what it should be. 

We think it's very important to stick to a routine with dogs, to give them a sense of consistency which makes them feel more secure. They're fed twice a day at specific times, and tucked in at night (with a bedtime treat, of course) so they'll settle quickly into the rhythm of the kennels, and have a happy stay. 

For more info on our facilities, click here.

If you have any other questions, please use the FAQ or contact us.